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Marvel HeroClix "Armor Wars" Booster Case

Marvel HeroClix "Armor Wars" Booster Case
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There are 48 packs in a case & 4 figures in each pack.

Marvel HeroClix: Armor Wars begins the future of HeroClix. Dramatically changed ratios mean that Armor Wars is two times easier to collect than any other HeroClix set, and full-set collectors end up with 78 percent fewer duplicates! The New-Guy Night event in October will bring up to 14,000 new players into HeroClix, each hungry for the latest expansion—Armor Wars!

Armor Wars includes classic Iron Man™ heroes and villains, rounds out the members of Alpha Flight™, and introduces four characters from 2005’s Marvel event—the House of M™. Armor Wars introduces the ClixBrick: 12 shrink-wrapped Boosters sold as a single unit, making collecting easier than ever! Remember to tell customers to “Buy It by the Brick,” as ClixBrick buyers can send in for an exclusive collector’s edition Iron Man figure and get the opportunity to purchase a Dark Phoenix™ figure!

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